Light a the end of the tunnel?

Hello everyone,

 After some period of time waiting and slow progress, we’ve got a desired possible User Interface from the Worcester Art Museum. Two different concepts for the coloring app have been implemented, as usual they can both be tested, one in the development branch, and the other is in the web server’s user directory at

The only major change was the implementation of a coloring wheel that now allows to paint with all colors and all kinds of shades (this one is in the version in my user directory). No other major changes have been implemented. The code for this version can be cloned from

Now the challenge is to combine features from both versions as we have learned from our clients that is what they would like. This is a task we are going to start working on this week. Unfortunately, I have to say that, as of the time of this writing, and also this late in the semester, my partner and I don’t have a great deal of hope we are going to be able to accomplish such a merge of versions successfully. That said, we agreed we are going to give it a shot.


Well until next time.


Beto Luna.


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