About multiple images and canvas…


This week we have been dealing with loading and coloring on the images of the statues the Worcester Art Museum has provided. After filling the images backgrounds with transparency, which can be accomplished in any decent image editor(e.g Gimp a good alternative, and also free), we were able to color on the images. We still need to ask the client to provide us again with the images but this time they should have the same dimensions. As of the moment the ones we have have very high resolutions and differ in size. I don’t think we should manipulate the images because they have much better tools than the free ones we are probably using. 

Hopefully this week we’ll know wether they would only want the children to use specific colors or we are free to include any that we want.

Now, regarding the functionality of the coloring app, our team was thinking about maybe queuing canvases. As is the case with many coloring applications, hopefully we don’t need to implement something like that, and, instead just let the user click on a different image when they want to replace the current one using something like context.clearRect() before loading the new image or simply overwriting the current image with the new.

See you next week.


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